Another Day

Breathe in…breathe out.

There are days I need to repeat this to myself…repeatedly.

There are situations that are overwhelming. Questions that aren’t heard or have no immediate answers. People listening but not hearing or hearing and not listening. I repeat a request or statement and it as if I haven’t even spoken. Acknowledgement and no action. Droning on.

I hide. I escape. I long for peace and calm in the world and in my heart and mind. I want to be one who thrives, not just survives. I know many who are feeling that right now, this moment.

Then, there when everything else is rushing past. I’m given a moment. The sun rising in the eastern sky. Changing the black of night to a beautiful blue and pink then golden hues.


The crisp of the morning with a clear view of stars and moon. The hand of my son in mine. The sweet kiss from my daughter, right on the soft of my cheek. Oh, the moments. The stunning features via Skype of my oldest, now married and far away. And the vibrance of my college senior in her last semester. Those thoughts grant me peace and calm.


My camera, a subject, the push of a button and a moment in life captured. Fingers flying across the keyboard, thoughts and words flow into a page, a picture, a story.

Breathe in…breathe out.


Ahhh, there, the focus redirected, from the negative smoothly transitioned into the positive. The Word, the Holy Spirit, God Himself, present inside and out. “Come to Me and I will give you peace.” Humbly laying at His feet the chaos, fear and doubt. He and He alone can take it all.

Breathe in…breathe out. Listen careful to your heart. Listen quietly firmHim to speak…Breathe in…breathe out…..Amen


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