And now…


My son has made it through his high school career. On Monday he walked through the head of a giant inflated Tiger to take hold of the folio that will house his diploma. This is not what graduation for my other three children looked like. Life is not what it was for those three, life is different now.

We as parents of this year’s graduating class should have known. When these seniors were born the world around them filled with chaos and confusion. September 11, 2001, their first year was marked in history with smoke, ash and loss of life. From that day on life would not be the same. What would the future hold?

Hold On

Our children are graduating in uncertainty. All they had hoped for or the ideals they had in their minds have been erased like a chalkboard at the end of a lesson. The dust still settling on the unexpected, unprecedented, and unfair.

And yet, this class, the class of 2020 has made history. They have overcome the obstacles of on-line distance learning. They have found new ways to communicate and learn. They are more aware of the life around them. While being confined, I believe their view has been expanded to see those around them better. They have had the attention of the community and of the world. They have become the virtual class.

It has not been what they expected or hoped for, but maybe when they look back, they will realize the impact they have had by just being the class of 2020. In the midst of a pandemic they spur hope for the underclassmen from kindergarten up. “It stinks” They say. “But, we can do this. We will do this!” Persistence prevails.

Unexpected Hero

Our children will rise from the ash of 9/11, they will stand firm in the midst of this viral outbreak, they will walk on in strength and character for all they have experienced. The future will hold great opportunity for these children who have grown into young men & women who have overcome adversity. We will continue to pray for them, that God would guide, guard and protect them always.

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