This was written for a gift. A beautiful black guitar was a mothers gift to her daughter.

There is in each of us,

deep within our souls a place that no one knows,

a place that no one sees.

To those who glance it is only darkness, or so it seems.

It takes one to look deeper and longer

to see the beauty in the dark places.

That is where the beauty lies.

Hidden until, by chance, it is found.

Ebony can reflect, just look deep.


What you see is a reflection of yourself in her.

The beautiful music that lies within you both,

the echo of joy, the zing of excitement, together!

Upon the strings, within her soul she waits for you to give her life,

to stir her to beauty.

It is there that the essences of who you are shines.

Look deep, there you are, with her, and beauty abounds.

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