January 2021 New Year, New Page, New Outlook. New…Who knew?

I knew with the New Year happening my one year reading through the Bible would put me back in Genesis.  Starting over is so very daunting. I think I have read the first 5 to 10 chapters of Genesis every year. Then after a week or so I get caught up in life and set the Bible aside. Not a smart way to live. 

The Word of God is meant to be part of my daily life. It will keep me wise. It will keep me focused on Christ. It will instruct  and guide me so I know the right path to follow.

 The word of God is similar to Google maps  and Siri  we use today. We obtain directions on where to go and how to get there.  When we have a question, we can go to the word and find the answer, it may not be the answer we want, but it is His answer.

Each day in Gods word will reveal wisdom, create questions, grant peace, and change lives.  So this year, Consistent is the word…consistent in the Word. Daily digging in to see what it is God has for me today. I will be looking for something each day to learn and share. I have no doubt that He will drop it in my lap. That is just how He works. 

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