Hitting the books.

Today I interviewed for a freelance position with a local publication company. I was asked to bring in a sampling of my work. I searched high and low to find the Reese Reporter articles I have written, but alas, the physical newspaper copies were nowhere to be found.

Technology is a funny beast, often saving our over organized, hoarding habits.  As Kaely searched the upstairs computer, I searched the external hard drive downstairs, to no avail. Like lightening brightens the midnight sky, so the thought of e-mail brighten the darkened recesses of my brain. Low and behold, I had kept copies of the e-mails I sent in along with the pictures attached. I did not realize there were 30+ articles and various photos. Reading the first article in the choppy rough manner it was written to the last article and the gentle informative flow it had acquired revealed to me how very much I love to write, and the growth that occurred in a year span.  We read through the stack of papers and narrowed it down to 5 articles that represented my style.

I was nervous about today, it has been a while since I interviewed for a position of any type. I had all kinds of thoughts spinning through my head as I drove to the interview. I arrived, and waited. The interviewer, a tall gentle-looking man showed me to the conference room. In my head I keep repeating the words, “Be confident, be composed, and just be me.”  The interview went well, and as we neared the end of the interview I was given papers to sign. It is exciting to have the opportunity to shoot people, places, and things that may be published. Not just photos, but possible writing assignments, interviews, and deadlines.

My writing has changed and grown over the years. At this point, it is a little dusty. I have found my writing tool belt, buckled it around my waist, my camera is in hand, or the seat next to me as I traverse the distance between here and there.

In closing, I am reminded of my first day at Delta College. Teachers make such a difference in the lives of their students, young or old, especially when, as the teacher they love what they do. My English teacher made it a point to say, “You are a writer” the first month of class. At the end of my educational career at Delta, I had my first English teacher as one of my last teachers. What a joy, what an encouragement. “You should make this into a children’s book.” He was referring to my final paper about a Gargoyle named Gregory and his view as Chartres Cathedral was built.

Belief in the skills I exhibited, by that teacher, and those who know the Wordsmith in me, have helped instill a confidence to walk into the interview and to walk out as a fresh freelance photographer and writer. I am excited to step out on this new adventure in freelancing.

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