Shocking Really.

In the midst of it all.

Stress manifests itself in a number of ways. I was looking through my library of images and found this one. A picture is worth a thousand words. I won’t write a thousand, no worries.

The past two days this is in essence how I have felt. A huge ball of energy, anger, and frustration all fired up,from the center of which flows tendrils of electricity. Shocking, biting, hurtful electricity. No one is safe from the shock. It reach the innocent as well as the unaware. From me it flows, causing confusion and hurt. When shocked by the frustration, the anger, others wonder, they look at the wound and have no idea why they were hit.

It should be me who is zapped, me who gets shocked, for it is me who I am angry and frustrated with. Letting my emotions get the better of me. Allowing the words or actions of others to hurt. Not living, not living a life worthy by my ideals. The ball grows, the tendrils reach and the shocking happens.

I know when it does, I know where it comes from, I know how to stop it.

Do you wrestle with a great massive energy that builds inside of you until suddenly it just reaches out to the nearest contact point. Sink to your knees, ground yourself. Raise your voice to heaven, open your hands and let Him who placed the stars in the sky and directs the wind, take the stress, the frustration, the anger. He is there for us. He calls to us. He alone can take the full force of what we can give, as shocking as it is. He took it all to the cross, we should not live a life full of shocking, biting, and hurtful words or actions.

In grounding ourselves we eliminate the flow, the far reaching tendrils of hurt. The Word of God is the grounding we need to turn to. Following His example, His words, His directions. In doing this we can live cautiously able to control the flow we direct at others. It is not easy, nor will it be at times. The faith, the hope we have in Him will sustain us.

Will you ground yourself? Will open the word of God and allow Him to calm you, to fill you and to give you a peace that passes all understanding. I will, I have to, over and over and over until the habit, the desire and longing is to go to Him, to ground myself in Him, above anything else.


(truly, so be it)

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