And so it begins…


The weather is changing, everyday. Hot, cool, raining, humid enough to curly my very straight hair. I took this picture a few years ago, about 11:30 in the evening. It turned out amazing, capturing the true handy work of God in the colors of fall.

God can be found in so very many places. How can they say there is no God when all we have to do is look around us, or even at ourselves. So often we go about our days look at what we have to do, our focus on that alone and miss so very much. Take a minute, sometime today and stop. Look, up, down, left, right, in front and behind you.  Look at your kids, your friend, your feet. Stop and look. See the colors, hear the motion or silence, feel His presence in and around you. He is an amazing artist. Creating vast designs, coloring each and every one, sometimes outside the lines. The canvas of the Lord is right there, all around, even looking back at you from the mirror.

Each day is a new canvas. That which we were yesterday is made white, clean, new. How? By the grace, mercy and sacrifice of Jesus. We live new each day, each moment. How do you see yourself? Are you the canvas that God can work with? Or do you tend to sit in the corner, facing the wall because you don’t think you are good enough, that there is no way God can take this tattered, worn out, dirty, canvas to make something beautifully amazing. God can take a handful of clay and turn it into a man. He surely can take you and I and turn us into a masterpiece.

Look at the leaves, the detail, the color, the life, so vibrant, beautiful. Look in the mirror, look past the wrinkles, the grey hair, the tear stains, the anguish. Look close and you will see the detail, the color, the life, the beauty. Seriously, look…He sees you, He made you, You are His Masterpiece! Let Him continually create in you all that He has for you, and those around you, to see, experience and love. Each day, each day holds so very much for you and I.



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  1. Thank you so much for the words of inspiration. Sometimes it is hard to lay it down, but we need to keep telling ourselfs to do it- and the results are nothing but a miracle. I love your site- keep it going, Susan M


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