At times we may feel alone. The only one standing or left standing. The picture of this tree was taken out a window while traveling 55 mph. I have wanted to capture a tree in a field for years. Seize the moment!

It struck me as I revisited the picture that it seems to be alone in the midst of a corn field. But is it? No, it has the corn. I am sure there are a few fuzzy tailed rodents that have taken up residence as well. But the image stands out as one tree. We are that one tree. Standing, surviving, providing.

Looking closely the tree has a trunk that splits into two. The branches spread to reveal its vastness. It provides shade, shelter, and stability. Often times we think we can stand on our own, alone. But we are never alone. Just like the tree, seemingly alone. But the life of that tree is given by the soil, rain, the sun and the hand of God.

God has a hand in each of us as well. Providing, and protecting. We are never alone. He is there. Will we stand tall in Him, gaining strength and provision from His mighty hand? Or, will we try to do it on our own. Alone. Alone we can not succeed, it is not how we were made, nor why. it is only by faith in God who loves us, who gave His Son to die for us, so we may have forgiveness and abundant hope. It is in Him we stand, Never alone.

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