So Far and Yet so Close


What do you do when you need someone who seems light years away? Call and hope they aren’t busy. Text and hope they text back. Drive for hours to meet them? Distance is a great separation. Distance changes our lives, Sometimes for the good, sometimes for the not so good.

Distance comes in different ways. Physical distance, being separated by space. Emotional distance, choosing to be closed off to the world and people around you. And spiritual distance, being far from God.

What is devastating and renders me helpless is when all three happen at the same time. A parent, a child, a best friend. Distance wiggles its way in, and we sit, far away and helpless.

Yet, there is one thing, the one and only thing I could use to day to not be so helpless, so distant. Prayer. I could not hug who needed it. I couldn’t reach out and touch the hurting. All I could do was pray. The distance between us is diminished when we turn to God in prayer. We lift to Jesus the one who we can not comfort or console, lift up when stumbling along, or just needs us to walk along side them for a bit.

Prayer shrinks the gap. Prayer unites us. Prayer brings us into His presence where we can ask, exceedingly more abundantly than we could ever do ourselves? He hears us and He meets the needs that we can’t. Conversing with Jesus…I could get use to this. Handing Him those whom I can not hold, or comfort. Those who need a healing hand on their hearts. And those who are separated from us by distance. Prayer, reaches, touches, heals and connects us when distance separates. Amen

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