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Today starts a year of posts. Each day I plan to post a photo and bible verse or God inspired thought. I hope to inspire, encourage and share a little piece of God and who He is.

This afternoon I went to the bedroom to start on daily devotions. A friend and I are reading two devotional books together. She in Michigan and I here in Ohio. It is a good way to keep in touch and share how God is working in each of us. I also got a devotion book for my son and daughters.

In order to know God and to become more like Him we need to be in His word. We need to saturate ourselves with Him. As we start out with the devotional, it creates a desire and curiosity to look at the bible, to see where the author gets their inspiration or what pricks their spirit. That curiosity will only grow the more we are in it.

I was sitting on the bed, getting ready to begin when my son popped into the room. “What you doing Mom?” I told him what was up and asked if he had read his devotion for the day. “Oh, no not yet.” And he went downstairs and returned with his devo book. Very matter of fact he said, “You want to read yours out loud first or me?” Needless to say I was pleasantly shocked. No pushing or prodding, no asking twice, he just asked me first.

We decided he would read his first. Romans 12:2 was the verse today. When he finished I asked him what the devo was about, wanting to hear his take on it. He explained that God is with us all the time. That we are never alone. Again, awe filled my heart. He read the verse and explained it to me as well. I wrote down what he said, as we will do each day in a journal. So, when the year is over we can look back at how Jesus was at work in our lives.

He bounded out the door and out to play with friends. God is truly with us, no matter where were or what we are doing. I read my devotion which is very close to his. The same author actually. She writes from. Jesus perspective, talking to us, having a conversation, one between Jesus, and me or my son, or my best friend. We will each hear something different. God is like that, He meets us right where we are. Open your heart, let your spirit soak it in and you will grow and understand who you are and where you belong in this amazing life He has given us. Amen


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