Slipping Away

It happens often, you think you have time, plenary of time and then whoosh! The time you thought you had is gone.

“I’ll be right there” an hour slips past and you place a kiss on the head of you sleeping child. “Just a second” and the need is filled by someone else. Time does that. We let it slip, once the moment passes it is impossible to get back.

The years we miss because we are too busy. The appointments or deadlines that pass because we thought we had more time. Children reveal the passing of time the best. From infants to adults in the blink, or what seems the blink of an eye.

So much can happen in that blink. Life, death, growth, change, joy, love, loss , accomplishments, and failures. Remembrance and learning. So very much.

The Word speaks of time. In the twinkling of an eye, we will be like Him. No one knows the day nor the hour. What is years and life times to us is but moment in the grand scheme of life.

God has numbered our days. He is in control and all will take place in His time. No slippage there. A comfort to know God has our lives in view, laid out day by day, moment by moment. And each and every moment is by His design.

Thank you Lord for my moments. Help me not waste them, but to glorify you in each and every one. Amen

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