It only takes a second

ImageOne second to win the game! One second to catch whats falling. One second to save a life. One second to take a life. One second to change a life, forever.

There have been many statements, phrases, thoughts and comments to this end in the past week. One word, look, or action and life can change. In reading a devotion a single gasp gave way to the realization that someone heard, or saw what you did or didn’t do. A look, a glance that if you weren’t looking right at the persons face you would have missed. Reaching out to grab a person’s arm to pull them away from the curb, and the truck passing to close.

You don’t even think about it, it happens that fast. A word crosses your lips and once past can not be taken back, or changed. One word. One thought drives you to respond, to react, and you do. The thought acted on is done, not to be undone and the repercussion can last a lifetime.

How many lives have changed in one second. From the back seat of the car…”I was talking on my phone and the next thing I know I am waking up in a hospital.” One second. “You of all people.” Four words, said in less than a second. Life changed. And the time one you love says something, maybe you can’t even remember the exact words, but you remember the feeling. Less than a second and it bubbled inside of you. Overwhelming joy and the result, being rendered speechless, a total feeling of “Wow, I am important and I matter!”

A push and a cry a new life joins the world. One last breath, shallow and ragged and a life lived joins Christ in Heaven. The slipping on of a gold band, one second becomes a life time. One second caught off guard and the gold bands slips off and the lifetime is shattered. It only takes a second….

One second or less…3 words…a life changed for eternity. “It is Finished”

Spoken by Jesus Christ on a cross between to robbers. “It is Finished” with those 3 words the God of the universe heaped on His Son the sins I have and will commit,as well as all those you do. Forgiveness…if only that could be given in one second. Often forgiveness takes much longer. But, my sins, your sins, gone, in the second we confess them to a loving and just God. Gone, when Christ died for you, for me.

It only takes one second, the blink of an eye, a hiccup, and life can be changed. How will I use my seconds to make a change? How will you?

It is before me at this very moment, ah, second that I must be aware and change. Taking the positive and not the negative. Taking that one second to think before I speak, or act. That will make a huge change right there. In one second I can look deep, touch gently, encourage openly and forgive. A lifetime is only but a whole lot of seconds added together, I purpose to use them wisely.


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