Keep Fighting

Standing in the surf I felt the pull of the tide. The sand racing at my feet left me off balance. Looking up the waves appeared to multiply, joining together to attack. Advancing and receding the waves crashed against my legs, rising all the while pulling me into their grip. I leaned back to gain balance, moving my feet to stay upright. The waves were relenting and yet I stayed.

We are buffeted from all sides in this life we live. Finances, illness, doubt, relationships, defeat. Looking at the like an ocean in front of us the waves keep coming. I know there are many of us struggling to keep our footing, to look to the horizon for the calm.

Know this…standing in the midst of the waves, the constant battle to stay upright is making us stronger. Trying to balance works our core, moving our footing creates opportunity, looking out rather than down gives us focus.

Matthew 8:27b says this about our God: “Even the winds and the waves obey him!”
Matthew 8:27b

God is the one who controls the wind and the waves. God put every star in place, created every animal, tells the ocean how far to come and knows how many hairs are on our very head.

There is no reason to doubt He is in the midst of our struggles, guiding us, guarding us, protecting us. It is in these times, when the God of the universe who knows each of us, is making us stronger, helping us grow and turning us to Him for all of it.

Standing in the surf, waves pounding, sand swirling, I stand confident. My eyes fixed of Christ, my strength, my focus, my firm foundation.

If you are struggling. If you are slipping into the surf and need a hand. If you are overwhelmed and sinking, reach up, reach out, keep fighting. We all have struggles and battles we fight. You and I are not alone. Keep fighting.

If you have questions about knowing Jesus, or need someone to stand by you, please let me or someone who loves you know. Call, message, text.

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