Mr. Piggleston Has A Conversation.

Hello, My name is Mr. Piggleston, I’m so very glad you are here to share in my adventures. Today Sir D and I have a conversation, it starts like this…

Wednesday morning found Sir D and Mr. Piggleston sitting together in Miss Andi’s brown recliner chair. They had been there all night. They thought the would climb up the chair back, sitting on the top edge of the recliner chair looking out the widow at the blah grey day.

“Mr. Piggelston?” began Sir D. “Are you ever afraid?” Mr. Piggleston had been afraid many times. He wasn’t sure how to answer because he could tell Sir D was afraid of something and Mr. Piggleston wanted to be big and brave for him. “I have a few times.” Mr. Piggleston replied. “Are you ok Sir D? “I think so but I was afraid last night.” Sir D said in a shaky voice.

Andi slept in her room last night while the two stuffy friends were in the other room. It was dark in the front room and there were strange noises they hadn’t heard before. The wind blew outside the window. Cars passed by on the road. Dogs barked and car doors closed. When the stuffy friends slept with Miss Andi they couldn’t hear those sounds, they knew they were safe with Miss Andi there, plus her parents were right next door.

Mr. Piggleston knew Sir D was afraid of the sounds of night time. They were new and different. Mr. Piggleston knew that at night time, in the dark, the world around us seems so different than in the day time.

“I know I have been afraid at night time. It is dark and I can’t see what is making the sounds that startle me.” Mr. Piggleston told Sir D. “I have to remind myself that there is nothing to be afraid of God is protecting us always. It says “do not be afraid” 81 times in the Bible Sir D. The Bible’s words are true. We can trust God.”

Do not be afraid of them, for I am with you and will rescue you,” declares the Lord.
Jeremiah 1:8

Mr. Piggleston explained to Sir D how God protects those He loves. He protects Miss Andi all the time, her mommy and daddy too. ”We don’t have to worry Sir D, God is bigger than the things that make us afraid.” Mr. Piggleston assured Sir D.

Sir D listen because Mr. Piggleston knew what he was talking about. “Thank you friend. I feel a little better now.” Said, Sir D. “I am so glad you are here. We can get through anything together, especially with God protecting us.” Sir D finally said.

Mr. Piggelston and Sir D went on to have a fantastic day together playing with Miss Andi and Grammi. The exciting part of the day was playing with the ball pit balls, and hearing the sweet sound of Miss Andi laughing.

Our next adventure is the ball pit balls attack. Make sure you check back to find out who almost got hit.

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