Meet Mr. Piggleston

Meet Mr. Piggleston

As I walked into her room Wednesday morning it was still dark. My eyes needed to adjust, as did hers. The little one was awake, sitting in her bed smiling that “Hi Grammy” smile. Then the game began. She likes to avoid me picking her up. She scooted across the bed to the corner and reached for a stuffed toy. I leaned closer to see who she had grabbed. It wasn’t her Love Bunny, the one who has flat fur and chewed on ears, all matted looking and loved. It was the little pink pig I had gotten and saved to give her when her bunny wore out. We introduced the little pig a few weeks prior to see if she would take to him. No way! She is a one bunny girl. So, little pig had sat in the corner of the bed with another little bunny, and a small blue donkey. Until now.

L-R Sir D, Mr. Piggleston, Princess Fluff Bunny

I don’t believe stuffed toys become alive until they are chosen. Today, Mr. Piggleston came to life, at least in my eyes. Miss Andi had picked him, squeezed him and carried him across the bed. I could see his little heart swell as she final held him. I watched as she lifted him to show me. I smiled and said, “Oh, you have found Mr. Piggleston have you?”  They both smiled.

There are many adventures to be had with each visit, our first Wednesday with Miss Andi went well. There were stories, and ring toss, lunch and nap. Mr. Piggleston was a little jealous when at bottle time, Miss Andi wanted her Love Bunny and not him. I explained Love Bunny was very special to Miss Andi. He shrugged a little and looked the other way.  Mr. Piggleston is a great distraction when Miss Andi feels the need to voice her displeasure with diapering. He has stepped into his role as fluffy friend with great gusto. My heart has been captured.

E19639E2-E9C2-4CCA-9C1A-EA077E3B98F7Mr. Piggleston and friends are now a part of our Wednesdays together. Little Miss Andi and Grammy will share our adventures so you can have fun too.



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