Good Morning with Mr. Piggleston

C2BD50E9-FE86-44D4-99E8-BCB67E2BE5A0Good Morning, my name is Mr. Piggleston. I live with Miss Andi, I love Miss Andi. We have exciting adventures together each Wednesday. I think I will call her Princess Andi, that is a pretty name, just like her. She is holding me more often and it feels so good. Like sitting on the floor in the sunshine that comes through the window, warming your whole body. Ahhhh.

Our adventure today happened this morning. Grammy arrived when Princess Andi woke up. I was in the corner like I usually am. I found my self laying on my front with my face in the mattress. I can’t say I like that, but at least I was close to my friends and not out in the dark living room all alone. Phew!

The door opened slowly and Grammy came into the room, “Good Morning Muffin Butt”, she said.  I’m not sure who or what that is, but Princess Andi smiled. “Hey there, where is Mr. Piggleston this morning?” I heard her ask. That could only mean one thing…I would get to play today. I felt a really big hand wrap around my middle, suddenly the mattress fell away from my face and I was looking down at Princess Andi. Oh the smile on that little face of hers. Makes my fuzzy little tummy do flippity flops. I think that is what love is, a flippity flop in your tummy when you see someone smile at you.

Grammy was holding me toward Princess Andi so she could take me. I waited for her to reach up, “Please oh, Please, reach for me”, I whispered.  She did, taking me from Grammy’s hand we played for a little bit. I do wonder why there are bars on the bed, maybe to keep her safe? Or a nice way for me to sit without falling out.



Grammy gently wrapped her hands around my Princess Andi  lifting her out of the bed. I sat there looking out through the bars hoping I didn’t have to sit there alone all day. I watched as Little Miss had her diaper changed. There was no protesting the diaper this time so I wasn’t needed. After diapers, they turned around, saw me, scooped me up along with Love Bunny and we went out to the living room to play.

I was so excited, the sun was shining so the room was bright and happy. I looked around to see what we might play with when I heard a clunk bang sound. There was a big rocky chair on the sofa, it had a handle. Grammy was stuffing Princess Andi into the chair, then she strapped her in tight. I started to worry a little, I didn’t know what was happening. Love Bunny hopped up into the chair and sat all snuggly with Princess Andi. I lay quietly on the floor.

“Shall we go get some pancakes?” I heard Grammy say. She was talking to Princess Andi not to me. Then Grammy picked me up and set me in the chair with Love Bunny. “Daddy said if we go out I could put your new shoes on. You’re still in your jams so how about Mr. Pigglston wear them?” Princess Andi was too busy holding Love Bunny’s ear in her mouth to answer. But Grammy put them on me, I got to wear the new sneakers.img_5251 They  were kinda big on me. We were going for a ride, in the car, to McDonald’s! Oh My Gosh!

We went outside where is was very cold, even with the sun shining bright. Grammy buckled us into the seat and talked to us the whole way. Grammy ordered a Big Breakfast. That is pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs, and a biscuit, oh, and hash-browns. That is a lot of food. It smelled so good. We didn’t even have to get out of the car, the lady pushed it through the window at Grammy. Then we drove home. The car door opened and there was Grammy with a big bag in her hand, for the BIG breakfast.

img_5258She unbuckled Princess Andi, lifting all of us out of the car. When we got in the house, Princess Andi sat in a high chair. I sat on the table, well, I warmed up a bit first. 

Princess Andi really likes pancakes and scrambled eggs. She spit the sausage and hash-browns out. She did not like them.  Grammy at the sausage and I really liked the pancakes. We had a good breakfast. Princess Andi told me a story about her and Love Bunny pretending to be Super Hero’s and saving me from the pancake monster by pouring syrup all over it. The syrup made it slippery and the pancake monster fell off the table. It was a funny story, and I was in it. She loves me I can tell.  

We had a lot of fun after lunch, but that is an adventure story for another day. I am so glad to be loved by Princess Andi. I can’t wait till the next Wednesday when we can have more adventures. Till next time, find that warm spot in the sun and smile.

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