How It All Starts

img_2133I have an actively creative imagination. I am always thinking, my mind very rarely stops. With that said, there is always a running commentary in my mind.  Here is a glimpse into how the process works and how a simple drive can turn into a CSI episode.

Me: Driving, sees dead raccoon on the road. Internal dialog begins…


“Mr. Raccoon, after foraging for food for his family makes a fatal choice to cross the road with great disregard for the two bright lights approaching. Mr. Raccoon stands on his hind legs and stares at the lights, fascinated by the speed with which they are approaching. The driver of the car swerves slightly hitting Mr. Raccoon directly with the left front time of the vehicle. Mr. Raccoon was caught of guard by the impact and is now heading toward the light. His body recognizable only by his tail of black and gray stripes.

It is 5 am now and Mrs. Raccoon is pacing the floor, worried about her husband. She mutters quietly, “He should have been home by now. He is never late.”  The 6 kits are sleeping in a bundle oblivious to their mothers worry. She ventures out to see if she can hear him shuffling home. Nothing…Silence meets her ears, she is alone. She weeps quietly.

brown and black raccoon photo

Now, for the local wildlife news…Richard “Ricky” Raccoon was found lifeless on Aurora Lake Road early this morning. It looks to be a hit and run accident. Strewn Taco Bell packages were found near the body. Ricky was out foraging for food according to his wife. The officer on scene states, “This is a dangerous stretch of road. It is dark, cars travel fast, you must not stop to admire the lights.” Mr. Raccoon leaves behind a wife and 6 kits. Mrs. Raccoon donated her husbands remains to The Natural Order of Life, or NOL for short.  Donation for the widow and kits can be left by the mighty oak on the edge of the cemetery.” 

So you see…most of you are lucky I keep these thoughts to my self when you are in my car. A few of you have heard the story with other casualties seen while driving. Thank you for your indulgence.

I am a writer. I write. I imagine. I create. I see life from a slightly different perspective. As seen in the above little tidbit.  The ideas He gives me are like little lightening bolts, or electrical zaps. I love that God wired me this way and that I have a means to share it. I write what He gives me. You see, when I try to write in my own power and with my own words, the page stays blank, the ideas are forced and there is no real point to it all. When they are His ideas, His perspective, His doing, oh the difference they can make.

Thank you for indulging me. I hope you will tag along. Tomorrow I would like to introduce you to a little friend who may make his way into a book for a special little girl and quite possibly into your heart.

Till next time…



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