Once upon a time…most stories begin. I have heard many beginnings to stories and I have often thought as a writer I don’t really want to “once upon a time” people, I want to capture them. Actually, I want to capture you…right from the start. I want to grab your hand and pull you along. I want the words to wrap you up and spin you around so you get lost in the story for a bit, allowing it to fill your heart and mind with a fantasticalness adventure. Here’s a chance to use your imagination, venturing into the I unknown, become part of the story.

727D0CD4-74ED-42EA-AAD8-502C8344CF62…grab hold.

Oh the stories…some will be serious, some will be fun, some will be happy and some might be sad but I bet there will be silly ones to make you all laugh.

Characters abound in imaginations set free. Around every corner, up high and real low, there is a story just waiting, for young and for old. No matter who reads them they have to be told.

Tomorrow I have a friend I’d like you to meet. Make sure to come back, it will be worth it. Till next time…

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