You’re Invited

I am inviting you, yes you reading this post. I invite you because you are valuable. I want to share my gift with you. Not a gift wrapped with ribbons and paper, but a gift wrapped in pictures and words, swirled with imaginations, truth and wonder. Sound inviting? I hope so.

When I think of writing, I think pencil, paper, a cozy chair, and quiet. My words are sparked by sermons on Sunday, or the feelings that swell inside on hearing a song. The views of the world around me, or photos I’ve taken and the Word of God, are fuel for the fire that draws my pencil to paper. What a combination of elements. Maybe if I toss in the occasional life experience God can use that to provide a little something for someone.

Pull up a chair, wrap your hands around a warm cup of tea and breathe deep as we wander with our hearts, eyes, and minds. As I sit , I recall photos I’ve taken and the words begin to flow. Descriptive words, with life giving detail, revealing the depth of the image in the photo, the story behind it, better yet…the story within the it. I pray God uses my words to bless, encourage, strengthen and grow you, and maybe even make you laugh. You are invited, I look forward to the time.

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