Come, sit a spell.


There is nothing like a deck chair, blue sky, sunshine and the sound and smell of the ocean. This is one of my most favorite spots. The Oregon Coast in summer. As a little girl I remember spending weeks with my grandparents. They lived in Astoria, just up the highway from these deck chairs. 

I would hang out with them. Grandma and I would go shopping. Play Zonk, (now known as Farkel) work in the garden and watch Perry Mason everyday. There are many more grand things we would do, but, maybe I’ll share another time.

My Grandpa, he let me hold the cost of a brand new car, in cash, right next to the safe at Johnson Motor Company. Wow! He taught me to hammer nails, tie flies for fishing, and to drive, for the first time. A red VW stick shift on the docks. He too taught me so much more.

Neither of them are here on earth any longer. But the lessons they taught are forever in my heart and mind. 

Come and sit a spell…in the hustle and chaos that is life today we don’t often sit. There is this to do, and that to fix.  Places to go and things to see. Drop offs, deliveries, connections, directions, demands, responsibilities, pleasing, needing, wanting, giving… I’m exhausted just typing.

You get the point…you live it. Come, sit a spell. Tarry with me. How much have we lost because we have passed it by or all together missed it? Time with children, spouses, family, friends. Or better yet, and above all, God. What have they had for us? Wanted to share with us? 

We need to take the time, the summer of life to let go and just be. To love, learn and just live. To sit awhile. Because, in the quiet we hear God clearly. In the quiet we can be. 

Set aside to rush of today. Draw close to God and glean from Him and grow. Hold fast to His word and promises in your heart.

Those moments will change you.


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