Impressed to be Impressive.

There are several aspects of fall I look forward too. Camp Barakel to meet with God in a unique way. Color abundant. The smell of crisp air and leaves. 

The colors of leaves. The smell, shapes, assent and descent, piles and above all the impressions the leave. 

While walking I stop and examine the “rubbings” left be rain. Some are perfect replicas of the original while others are just outlines. And there are those that are mere smudges of what use to be.

I always think, what is the impression I leave. Is it that perfect replica? Just the outside edges or the blur?

That impression is a good reminder of who we are in Christ. Or maybe where we are with Him. What impression do we want to leave? A clear image or Christ? One that reveals our outward self with an empty center? Or the blur that has been washed away, unrecognizable? 

I want to leave a good impression.

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