A Birthday Tradition

B0018283Today, well, as of right now, yesterday by Abbey had a birthday, 15 now. Goodness sakes. I wanted to do something special for her, so I went through some pictures to make a montage. Holy photo finger do I have a lot of pictures! I thought I would pick 15 for each year. But alas, that is impossible, especially for me. It was a wonderful hour and a half. I went from her being born to today. I sat at the computer looking through all the photos I have of her and smiled, a lot.


Our children give us days that we just want to lock ourselves in the bathroom. Then there are days we just want the clock to stop so we can just soak them up. Taking the time to look through the photos gave me perspective on how precious time is. How valuable it is to train them up, manners, how to laugh, how to be polite, compassionate and honest. I look at the four blessings God has given us, each with their on unique style and way. The birthday girl…now, she has a huge heart for little ones. “Mom, all I need is to hold a baby and my day is complete.” Oh, the ease in making the day complete. Sundays are especially complete for her as she holds at least two small children if not more.

292_17895085813_9370_nLooking at the pictures of her when she was little took me back. It was easy to holder her then, like she holds the little ones on Sunday. The photos remind us where we have been.  It is a blessing how God takes the rough spots in life and smooth’s them over with joy, and laughter. We have been on many adventures together, so we have collected many memories. Some of these the kids remember one way and I remember them a little different.B0003074

I saw how many families have been part of our lives. The places we’ve  been. How the kids have grown and change, and how much they are alike. While posting the photos on Facebook, Abbey was tagged as Kaely or Emily, even Kim. It depended on her facial expression or how her hair was done. Funny genetics eh?!

If God were to post a photo of us on His Facebook page…(go with me on this)… would we be tagged as looking like Him? Do we live our lives so that others can tell we belong to Christ? Odd thought, God having a Facebook page, but very relational for this point. Our children reflect who we are, they look like us, they pick up our attitudes and habits. For a time they are a shadow, soaking up all that is going on around them. We need to soak up Christ. His word, His promises, His forgiveness, and His Grace.B0007479

I would highly recommend taking the time at least once a year to go through the photos you have of your children. Each child one at a time. On their birthday works well, it is a day all about them. Look at the growth, look where you all have been and where you are. Laugh, cry and be so very thankful for every minute you have of them. The  time is fleeting and soon they will be looking at the photos of their lives, their children, and savoring each moment just like you have. Amen

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