Believed it or not this is an impression of a leaf in concrete. It looks as if it is raised, an illusion of the camera. You will notice it in some photos of footprints in the sand, hand marks in the snow, and the people around you.

We are all illusionists. We have attributes or foibles we hide or cover up with distraction. It is said, first impression mean the most. This was true back in the day, and in part today as well. Back in the day, truth was important. Honesty and respect were lived out daily, not just when we wanted something. Today is different. Some manipulate, lie, fib, or alter who they really are to get what they want. A job, a relationship, a position of power. Today first impression can be very misleading.

If we stop to think about integrity and truth, when was the last time you altered a first impression? Did you think twice about it, or does it come easy? Why do we have to hide or change?

I have always been “different” “outspoken”and “walking a fine line”. People have mentioned it to me once or twice, ok, a lot. At times I hide that part of who I am, so I can make a good impression. It is difficult to do and causes more internal strife than just being be does externally. Mind you it hasn’t always been that way. Time, mistakes, and Jiminey Cricket have help tame that beast.

God has created each of us unique. We are His children, His workmanship, created in His image. Hmmm, then I should be me, and you should be you. Drop any impersonation that are not of Jesus. Live and breathe as me. I need to remind myself of that daily. Do we impersonate, mimic, model our lives daily after Christ? We should, because then we are being honest, truthful and real to Him and to ourselves and others.

First impression are important, we need to make sure the impression is that of our life in Christ. With Him, what you see, is what you get. Love, grace, forgiveness and the gift of salvation. Eternal life in Heaven. What an impression that will make. Amen

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