What can you do?

I seem to take photos of my feet. Central Park in New York, Cleveland Clinic Twinsburg, walking with my friend in Dexter Michigan. These feet are resting on a hospital bed. My son in the bed with an extremely high fever and pneumonia.

My feet could be pacing the floor…or walking in haste in search of answers, but no, they are at rest. You see there is nothing more “I” can do. It is a waiting game. “The medicine should kick in, take his fever down, we may need to keep him.” My feet then left the resting position on the bed. It didn’t matter because there was still nothing “I” could do but wait.

There are times that is all we can do…wait. Rather tha tap our toes or pace to and fro, remember to just put your feet up and trust God with it all. He has walked in our shoes, He has stood in our stead, and above all He is strong enough to carry us. Lean into Him and wait.

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