Holding your heart

Heart beats, giving your heart away, sharing your heart, donating your heart, holding a heart.

The heart is a magnificent muscle. It is strong, as far as physical goes. It keeps the blood flowing thru our bodies which in turns keeps us alive. Amazing how God has made us.

Our hearts are also rather fragile, emotionally speaking. They can be tender, they can be broken, the can be cold or turn to stone. Our hearts can belong to another, be stolen, or warmed. How amazing and wonderfully made we are.

I think I have experienced all of the above in one way or another. I am sure there are many of you who have as well. A tender heart gives, a broken heart heals, a stolen heart can be returned and a cold heart can be warmed and a heart of stone can be broken to reveal a protected heart that is full.

Our hearts are given to us by a great and mighty God. When we realize the sacrifice God made that broke His heart. Giving His Son, Jesus, for us, for our broken hearts, our broken lives, He fills it with His Holy Spirit. The shadowed and empty place are filled with light. The broken places are soothed and healed. The cold heart and heart of stone are melted and molded into a new and vibrant heart. A heart that will serve Him, follow His commands, and share with others His love. How amazing and wonderfully saved we are.

I took the above photo for a friend. I have grown to love deeply. She has become a sister, confidante, encourager and has shared life lessons that have changed me. I am so very blessed.

Our hearts can be worn down, broken, confused and far from God. Yet, He holds our hearts. We in turn hold others hearts, caring for them, warming them, holding them tight yet gently to keep them from falling apart. It is a simple image of how God holds our heart. It is safe, it fits and can be protected in one smooth motion. He holds us, heals us and fills us. We are the feet and arms to deliver His love to those we Love.

Thank you Lord for my heart. Thank you for the pain, the strength, the brokenness, and the joy. Mostly, thank you for the love you give that I may live for you.


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