At a loss

I wrote this post over a year ago. It dod not post until now.

A loss. It can make you feel so numb. It can blur your vision and disorient you. It can take a beautifully bright day and cause all the colors to run together.
Loss is never fun, unless you are losing weight or the policemen following you.
The loss of which I speak is that of a person well loved. A person who holds a piece of your heart and when they go, they take a little bit with them.
Today a dear friend left, no longer here to hug, or to laugh with, to question or share with. A soul that you know God has touched. A through them has touched you and so many others.
A blur. The odd thing with death…everyone elses lives go on. The daily routine, the planning, the shopping, the “hi, I’m home”. For everyone but..,the family. It stops and you are stuck in slow motion. Bombarded with so much, and so many. Overwhelmed, numb, lost.
Our God is huge, He has everything in His hands. It still hurts, there is still an empty place, but also so many memories, and so much love. I so, miss my dear friend.
Miss Christine, I must say dancing in Heaven before our great God has got to be some kind of awesome!



  1. So sorry for your pain…I’m thinking about you! Praying for you and all who loved her.




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