This to shall pass…

Winter snow comes in flurries covering the dark dank muck of decaying leaves in a blanket of fresh white. Covering the past to make way for the future. Far from warm and cozy the winter snow sets spring in motion. Yet, we must wait.

The blanket of white in due time gives way to the new birth of spring. Shoots sprout, grass greens, birds sing. As the days grow longer the sun comes closer. Spring slides into Summer.

Spring lingers long into the warmth of summer. With the sun comes the warmth of long lazy days, blue sky and cool water. Temperatures rise, the land begins to scorch and we long for the cool crisp of Fall.

Summer eases on and the smell of fresh paint and new books waft from the windows of buildings that ache for company. Fall has arrived like the ringing of a school bell. Students scurry to find their place.

Fall brings with it the cool crisp nights that change the leaves from green to gold, yellow and red. They soon drop, creating a multi- colored carpet on the forest floor. Pumpkins, apples and the smoldering scent of burning leaves fill the air. Falling into preparation for winter. The cycle begins again.

Seasons come and go. The word of God last’s forever. Trials and joy ebb and flow. The love of the Lord lasts forever. Others come against us. The Lord is our shield and protector. He calls us His. His promises endure forever. Hold fast, for wherever you are, this too shall pass.

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