Grey vs Color

Listening to the rain pour outside my window I realize it’s value. Without the rain so much would not be possible.

The sky is grey. The wind is changing the direction of the falling rain every few minutes. The drops accumulate on the sidewalk, the leaves, the grass. It smells fresh, with a slight hint of dirt and earthworm. The overcast sky seems to dictate a somber, quiet mood, one of contemplation and reflection.

In contrast an hour later the sun bursts onto the scene. Sitting brilliantly on a bright blue canvas sky. The birds and chatting, the drops of remaining rain sparkle on the grass and leaves. All the dust and dirt has been washed away. The mood has lightened and the thoughts of escape surface.

Running about in the rain is not nearly as inviting as running around in fresh grass on a sun filled day.

Our lives cycle through grey and color. There are days, maybe even weeks that we feel the weight of life pulling us down. Just like moisture weighs down a cloud. When it becomes to much for us to bear, we let it go. It may be like pelting rain, or a slight drizzle, working its way out making the load lighter so that we can carry on.

That rain provides nourishment for growth, with out it plants would not grow, animals would not survive, waves would cease to crash. The grey and the rain are necessary.

In the grey of life we grow. With the rain we are washed clean. The Son can bring vibrance to our lives, color, a newness. When the rains come, know there is newness in life waiting to shine through.


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