By Choice, By Accident, By Divine Intervention

With the flip of a switch you can go for light to dark. The same holds true with life. One second you are here, living life, and the next you could be gone. By choice? By accident? By divine calling? Only a second. You are gone.

Life goes on however. Those left, are left to live on, to breathe the next breath, to feel the horrid ache, to wake to the realization that you are not here any longer.

The mail is still delivered. The neighbor kids still shoot hoops. The sun rises and sets, the world goes one.

But in the life of those left, those who have lost, time stands still. Minutes turn into hours, days turn into weeks. They, no, we, look around in a haze. We notice how things have changed. Changes, that for years will be felt because you are gone.

Nothing is the same, a new normal will edge into the our lives like the flicker of the fluorescent bulbs of the street lights at twilight. Bringing light into the world.

Loss of life by choice, by accident or by divine intervention is loss no matter.

Lord, be with those who have loss in their lives. Grant them a comfort only you can give. Jesus, use one of use to be Your hands, Your arms, just You, to them now.

“The Lord brings death and makes alive; he brings down to the grave and raises up.

1 Samuel 2:6


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