Take a deep breathe

Stress can do incredibly destructive things to our bodies. Ulcers, infections, weight gain or loss, hair loss, increase or decrease in appetite. The list goes on.
Having visited the emergency room in our community and then the Aujah ER. I have had to take a few deep breaths. Literally.
A deep breath can be taken to increase air flow and oxygen in take. It can be used to count your words before you speak them. Taking a deep breath can also be the catalyst to memory making.
It is those memory breaths that fill us at times and help us to re-focus. Right now, to take a deep breath outside fills my mind with softball, dead worms, fresh grass and early morning walks with my dearest friend.
The smell or cookies or fresh bread brings an internal comfort. One of peace and joy. The smell of perfume or cologne, my that contains a boat load of emotions. The stress just melts away.
There is usually a smell that calms us. Thank you Lord for my nose and all my senses, may I use them to your glory.


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