“You are the one who has to choose.” Words from a friend. Choose? So many choices to make. Get up when the alarm goes off, or hit the snooze? Oatmeal or frosted flakes? Jeans or sweats? Granted these are just a few trivial choices, each day hold moment by moment choices. Eat the donut or have an apple? Exercise now or later? Spot on speed limit or five over? These choice are also seemingly small, yet pack a punch if not done wisely.

The book “The Daniel Plan” has a question I read about choices. “What will happen when?” Wwhw…I eat the donut? It will go to my hips. Wwhw…I eat the apple? It will give my body nutrients and energy along with some fiber. Looking at it in those terms…Apple! Wwhw…I go the speed limit? I don’t risk getting a ticket, and I don’t mean a Golden ticket. Each choice we make has a result or consequence.


In the new year I have been challenged to look at my choices. Make them thinking of the result, not being selfish, striving toward a goal. I am the one who makes the choice to be on time, eat right, parent with authority, not point a fingers nor make excuses. The choice starts with me, and the first choice should be to go to God, seek Him and His choices in His word. In making that choice, with His direction, example and spirit, I can accomplish much and reach that goal.

In the new year choices will matter. They will make a difference and impact my life in turn impacting those in my life. What will happen when I make the right choice? Positive outcomes.

With hope, Amen

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