Not All That It Appears



At first glance these lanterns are a ball of gold and silver woven into a mesmerizing sphere. They held my attention for at least 5 minutes. I noticed the orbs earlier in the evening, but thought very little about them. As the sunset, I noticed what you see here. Tesla Lanterns, handmade and beautiful. 

They are by night, these globes of light. In the daylight, simple pieces of construction or cardboard paper pinned together in this pattern. Is that not how we are, possibly? In the light of day, we are ordinary, often times unnoticed, going about our daily tasks, living life, loving family, taking one step after another. It is at night, in the dark, in times of trouble, when we shine. We illuminate someone’s path. We add a bit of beauty and awe to another life. We ourselves find the light within and let it shine. 

We are not noticed for our outward appearance. It is the light within, the light that shines for others to see. Christ in us shines through us, to reveal His love. 

There are times when life just seems dark, consistently all the time. We seem far from God, far from our family, our friends, far from life. Dark, bleak and worn. Where is the light? Can we see it? Are we looking in the right direction? It is there, always is, always has been, always will be. 

The light was on inside those lanterns the whole time. It wasn’t till dusk that they became noticeable. The change made them more visible. There are circumstances that come into our lives that thrust us into the dark, taking our senses, messing with our heads. It is then, in the midst of change that we need to look deep within ourselves. We need to look to the Truth; we need to see what is stored up in our hearts. It is there the light burns. 

With Christ as our Savior, with Him as our Lord, we have no need to be in the dark. With His love in our hearts, His words in our minds, and His strength in our body we can stand strong. Shining in the darkness. 


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