All is Brighter


Driving around after dark this time of year is amazing. There are so many lights, beautiful lights adorning the homes of people. There is no snow, and the temps are in the 50’s but the lights are awesome. I love to look at them, to wonder about the people who live behind them, the holiday they will have, how they will celebrate.

Our neighbor is a very quiet man. He keeps to himself really. He reminds me of my dad in a way when I see him. Just the visual of my dad. Ok, and maybe the beer on the porch. But that is about it. He has one window that he strings lights around, across, and up and down. Just one window. Makes me smile, that is his Christmas expression.

Now, 3 house over…it is a feast for the eyes. Bright colors, decorations filled with lights cover the whole house. Maybe even the back of the house. It is amazing how much they put into their display. I heard he made all new ornaments to house the lights. It does look truly wonderful. I notice dearly, early this morning how dark the block seemed. Well, they had turned their lights off for the night. I missed them. They express Christmas bold and bright.

There are other homes along the way. Some simple, some direct, one even has a Santa in front of it that is as tall as the house itself. A two-story no less. There is the Silverdale Lights Display in Twinsburg that celebrates with light in motion. The kids can’t wait to take grandma and grandpa for a look-see. All over, here and there, twinkling, sparkling, constantly glowing. Lights

We all have our favorites. So, here is mine, of those light displays in our neighborhood. The house on the corner of our cul-de-sac has a very simple display. A flood light placed just so, shining directly on a stable, with straw. Under the cover of the roof sit Mary and Joseph and between them, a small child in a feeding trough. Simple yet so complex.

Directly across the street, the house with all the lights, bright, bold, loud, eye-catching, and energetic. Much like the world around us. So much clamoring for our attention, so much distracting us from where we should really be looking. Our back to the true view, the quiet, simple, loved filled view. We need to think about how we should stand, where we should focus, especially this time of year, and under the circumstances of our nation.

It is not about the loud, the clamor, the hate or disregard of life. It is, and always will be about the quiet, peace, the forgiveness, sacrifice and love. All sent to us in an unusually beautiful and amazing package. Wrapped in simple cloths. Shall we stand facing the brightness of the worlds lights, or turn our back and stand in awe of the brightest light of all. The Light of the World, Jesus, Savior, Lord and King


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