Randomly Organized Chaos


Random Chaos

Take a look around….right now, and then again when you are out and about. What do you see? A stack of papers on the counter, a dirty sock or lone shoe laying in the middle of the room or just peek out from under the edge of the sofa? Dishes in the sink, dust bunnies under the stove? Look around. Seriously…Look. Is that picture a little of center? Does your bible or devotion book have an inch of dust on it? Hmmm?

Today on the way to church I noticed a pair or shoes in the bike lane on the road. They were not bike riding shoes, meaning I don’t think there was an accident that left just the shoes. Unless…rapture? Nah! They were dress shoes. One upside down the other right side up.
“what in the world? I bet someone put them on the roof of the car and forgot.” How many of us have done that? So, here sit the shoes, no owner in site. Random.

Sunday School Pageant. 40 kids, 7 adults, a plethora of angel, donkey, sheep and shepherd costumes. This, my friends, was organized chaos. Organized in the fact that we (the adults) knew what the outcome needed to be. Chaos in the attempt to corral, clothe and confine said 40 kids.

Radom Chaos… now that is what knocks us off our feet. It is like a blow to the stomach that takes the wind right out of you. A Ninja kick to the legs that leaves you on the floor wondering what the heck happened and how did I get here. Random…a phone call. A text. An e-mail. Those bits of information or actions that are unexpected and like a black hole, suck everything right out of you. I have had this happen at least 3 times in the past 7 days.

“My father-in-law is dying.” “Can we take someone along.” “I have spots on my brain.” Random. Breath taking. Emotion draining. Chaos! My mind reeled, my emotions swayed, my heart sank, and God was there. In my world everything turned upside down for a bit, swirling and heaving. Ugh. What? Stop? No? Those replies echoed through my head. This isn’t in the plan, this is not how it was to play out. Wait, please, I need to think.

The thoughts escaped me, I could not grasp one, and if so it was like a silvery, shiny, slippery fish. No matter how I tried to hold it, it slipped away. Tossed about, never secure.

How often do our days resemble Random Chaos? Shoes on the side of the road. Statements that make no sense in our feeble minds. And yes, there is a Rock, a secure, constant place and person in the midst of all this chaos. He is the only constant. It is Jesus. Can I say I feel that constant always? No, I can’t because I am a human, a sinful human who thinks in the now and can not fathom eternity. I know however that there is a God who made me, Who loves me like none other. Who knows me inside (literally) and out. And in the midst of the chaos, in the midst of the peace, in the midst of my life, day in and day out He knows me. He is with me. He holds the future. It is good that He holds it because I would most likely misplace it.

It is amazing to me the peace that can be found in a name. Jesus. Oh, Lord, I have no words to share my heart. I shake, and wonder why, and you, you whisper, “It is well,” I have a hold of it all.” It is not chaos to me, but an amazing tapestry that when looked at from a far reveals a journey of great growth. ” He knows it all, He holds it all. He is all. Let us take the random, organized chaos and trust it to His care. With Him holding it, we will surely find peace and structure.

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