The roots of the tree look to be holding tight, digging deeper. Oh my how we hold tight. We hold on to the way our lives were. We hold tight to people who have changed us, encouraged us, hurt us, loved us. We hold tight.

I noticed I began looking at the roots as I walked. I saw large trees finger like roots that were not visible. Rooted firm. I saw trees near the edge of the path with spidery, spindly roots that crept along just under the surface, rising in the dirt like a snake, or sea monster. And then roots like these… Reminding me of people, and ideas, love and hurt that I hold on to.

That is when the still small voice in my head told me to look at what I hold on to. Is it worthy of Christ? Will it last? Am I holding on to a life, a love, a hurt or idea that needs to be released?

Then with a gust of wind the trees around me swayed, and tickled each other with their branches. I looked up…I looked up. Thank you Lord, for the simple reminder to let go, to give to you all that I am and do.

I lift my hands to the heavens, just as the trees lift their branches. In praise and thanksgiving for all you have given and all you will take away. Those sins, and hurts and hate, taken on the cross, a cross made from a tree. In place of those, you gave the gift of life eternal, forgiveness of sins and grace beyond measure. The gifts and abilities, love and hope are a gift from You for me to use in this world. To let go of and share with those who love me and those who need You.

With our roots in You, we learn to let go.


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