Holding on


There are many ways to hold on. We can hold on to memories, words and physically.

Memories are one way. In our mind we play over the moment, the person, we look from different angles, memorizing the details over and over. Much like a movie.

Words are a way to hold on. Speaking words of love, comfort, encouragement. We hear those words and hold on to them. They create in us a confidence when spoken in love.

Physically we hold on, we grasp tightly to a shirt, an embrace, a hand. Not wanting to let go, afraid we may lose our grip, or worse, what we are holding so tightly to.

Then, there is a hold that is shared by eyes meeting, hearts beating, breaths taken. That often is the deepest.

When we hold open our heart, our hand, our mind we are allowed to see what is there, to observe it, to enjoy it, to exult over it. At times realizing the need to change.

Opening our hands gives God the opportunity to fill them with blessings, to take our hand and lead us, to hold what we can’t, to let us know He is there.

His hands were open, nailed on cross. He held Himself there. He took in those hands all our sins, all our mistakes, and failures, He took them so we would not have to hold onto them. He takes them everyday. We don’t need to hold them.

Holding on…it is Christ we should hold to. When we hold onto Him our grip is on the truth, the strength and the peace. When we hold onto Him there is no way to hold onto the things of this world. In holding on to Christ our grip can only get stronger. Holding Him in the Word, in the Sacraments, and in fellowship. Gifts given for us to hold on to.

Hold on, for you see He has been holding onto you all along.

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