The sun also sets


I had many hours of driving under my belt for the day and decided it was time to go. Kaely had her backpack, I gave a friend a hug, and had a soda to go. I glanced to my left as I was backing out of the lot at Speedway and noticed a photo opportunity. “Do I stay? Sunset is not for another half hour. Hmmm? I can make it to the lake in 15 minutes or so…” my thoughts raced. So, rather than heading toward home I drove the opposite way. I am so very thankful I did. God gave me, and anyone else who witnessed it, a gorgeous, gloriously stunning sunset. D’Artagnan and I traversed the blowing sand and biting wind to capture a painting that is hard if not impossible to replicate. There will never be another like it.

 “May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer.” Psalm 19:14 NIV

The verse for the day reminded me of the picture. “My Rock and my Redeemer.” Words and meditations, pretty much what we say and think about. May my words and the thoughts, the very heart of me be pleasing in your sight. Ugh! If that were as easy to do as it is to read. But, alas, we are human, sinful, hurtful, broken humans, filled with passion, determination and love. Contradictory? Yes.

The words of my mouth are less than please in Gods sight, as far as I am concerned. And my thoughts, meditations, well…They are the words at times I want to say, or scream, but don’t. How do we find that pleasing aspect? We follow Christ and the examples He has given us. The people in the Bible, like Paul, yes the Paul who was Saul. In his letters to the Philippians he started by thanking them, by reminding them of the good they had done, of his joy in him and their dedication and service. If when we met people we would be like Paul and be positive, relationship would be different. I’ve been told, “You can’t have a relationship without conflict.” How we deal with that conflict, with words, thoughts and actions can fan the flame or douse the fire.In Gods Word we find relationships, many of them, and from them we can learn if we taking the time to look and understand what God has given us.

Looking at the picture, there are rocks, water, light, and a beacon. Our Rock and Redeemer holds us, He takes the first blow of the pounding waves that pummel us. The waves continually pound, we can stand firm in Christ. We may get wet, we may fall, but under our feet, under our heart is the One who can protect us, giving us strength to stand. A beacon to show the way, and the light that banishes all shadows,revealing who we are in the pummeling of life’s waves. May my words and my meditations be pleasing in Your sight.

I will praise you in the storm, for it is in and through You, Oh Lord that I can stand in the Light.


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