Hey God, What do you want to do with today?

The theater fills, all seats are taken. There is a buzz about the room. The guests are talking, laughing, turning off phones, drinking beverages and settling in for the show. You can feel the anticipation growing like that of a shaken can of soda. The lights dim, the stage is lit and the guests grow quiet. All eyes focus on the stage, waiting to see the show start.

Our lives are a show. We have people watching. Some watch for entertainment, some watch for direction, others watch for failure, and there are those who watch to see how you live it. I want to live so God can show up each day.

My life…is not really mine. Jesus is the author and creator. He has a plan for each day. I find comfort in that, adventure really. As others watch, I look for God in most everything. I wait for Him to use me, at times I jump in hoping He will. A couple weeks ago our sermon was about God using the little moments in our lives, that could create big change. Immediately a line from the television show Phineas and Ferb ran on repeat through my head. Phineas would say, “Hey Ferb! What do you wanna do today?” Then the two would go off to create some grand contraption, or embark on an outrageous adventure. The words of Phineas kept creeping into my head as I pondered the point of the sermon. That is when God dropped a theme into my lap. The result is today’s title, “Hey God, what do you want to do with today?” Glimpses of God showing up in the seemingly small moments and making them big.

So, I would like to invite you to take a peek at what God can do when you look to Him with an open heart and mind, stepping out of the comfort zone and asking, “God how can you use me in this moment?”

The phone rings often at my desk, is my job to answer. I have the privilege of talking with clients, caregivers and my office companions. This presents an opportunity to let God take hold a moment.

Today I took a call, “Hello, this is Kim can I help you?” The caller was thankful I was not a recording. You see they had called several other agencies with the only option of leaving a voice mail. Not a human on the other end but a machine. In the midst of trying to find care for a loved one, talking to a person is a great comfort, getting answers to questions that will forever change the life of a loved one seems small, but in essence is enormous. I spoke with the caller for awhile, listening and answering questions. Repeatedly it was mentioned how grateful they were that I answered the phone. My heart aches a bit for those who have to make tough decisions. Hoping they are doing the right thing, hoping they can trust us to take care of their loved one. It is a very overwhelming process. We finished our conversation with a plan of action and direction.

God took the simple act of me answering the phone, what I am suppose to do, and using it to share peace and comfort to someone who was anxious and distraught. By listening, and answering the questions there was clarity and confidence. The small act of doing my job, had a huge impact on this person. God was in the midst of it all. Every moment is a chance for God to do great things, all we have to do is ask, “Hey God, what do you want to do with today?”

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