Looking Up


Looking up gives us a different perspective. There are many applications found in looking up.

1. Looking up keeps our eyes on Christ, on Heaven, not on ourselves or the world around us.

2. Looking up is a positive.

3. Looking up allows us to see what others seldom see. For example the ceilings in County, and State courthouses and    buildings.

4. Also found by looking up… a great masterpiece of art in a chapel, church, museum, or nursery.

5. Clouds, Sun, Stars, the Moon.

6. The very kind and gentle eyes of a parent or grandparent.

7. A way out.

All these and many more a reasons to look up. Stars are my favorite. Such sparkling bits of hope in the dark night sky.

Looking up is also part of this blog. To help focus, realize, hope and dream or all that we can and will do in Him who made us.

Taken to show the light of the cross

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