2 Corinthians 1:3-7 mentions comfort 9 times. Significant, I think so.

Comfort is found in many places. For me, it happens to be this 16+ year old sweatshirt. It is soft, large and well worn. The knot often has a comforting scent sprayed on it. The back has the hand prints of my true and dearest friend. The thought of her holding me up when I stumble or am weak is a comfort. This sweatshirt is a physical, tangible, right now kind of comfort.

However, there is a greater comfort, one that is with us always. Jesus, and the powerful Holy Spirit.

It holds us when we stumble, it guides us when we are lost, it brings us peace in this confusing, and, whacked out world. The Holy Spirit is wrapped up in our very fiber, with our every breath, the Holy Spirit, brings us comfort. My sweatshirt covers and comforts the outside, the Holy Spirit covers and comforts from the inside, my heart, soul and mind.

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