Whitman’s Sampler

So God created mankind in His own image,

in the image of God He created them;

male and female he created them. Genesis 1:27

Ruthie a dear friend of ours from Oregon loves Whitman’s samplers. She loves them so much she would do most anything to get her hands on a box of the sweet chocolatey goodness. The golden box held treasure, yet, little did she know that year at the Christmas party it held a different treasure.

I think of Ruthie every time I listen to my happy jam. The sound track from Shrek the Musical. The song comes at the end of the play, describing how we are all special, and that’s what makes us strong. There is a line that states…

“We’re a giant Whitman’s Sampler here to try.”

Oh, makes me smile every time. In my minds eye I see all those people I’ve known, and those who pass by. In view of the sampler…Some are nutty, some chewy, some hard to swallow and some, oh so sweet. There are those who have been poked at, sliced in half, and picked to pieces. And those who are never touched, passed over, and tossed out. Think about the Whitman’s sampler…img_2652

…now think of the people in your life, those around you. At a glance what you see above are all similar in one way, they are all covered in chocolate.

We are a giant Whitman’s Sampler. All of our difference, our uniqueness, our troubles, our joys. We are covered by His grace, His forgiveness, His mercy and love. We are wrapped up and covered by His strong arms, protecting us, guiding us, and leading us to make a difference for Him in this mixed up world we are living in. He has made us in His image, to be many parts of one body, working together. He made the nutty ones, the hard to swallow, and sweet ones. He brings the poked and picked at ones, the lonely and left behind ones together.

We are all treasures to God. Put together on earth to share His love with and for one another.

The white elephant gift exchange ended and one gift had not surfaced. A book by Debbie Reynolds titled “My Life”. It was the gift that no one wanted. The elephant in the room you might say.

Nervous glances and questions arose as to it’s where abouts. The reassuring words, “it’s here, some one has it” were repeated several times till Ruthie gasped. “No, no, nooooo!” She had quietly tucked away a large golden box under here chair. Her favorite, a Whitman’s Sampler, still wrapped tight in what had appeared to be its original plastic seal. It was not chocolate protected by the plastic wrap, but “the” book. Disappointment oozed from Ruthie like melted chocolate in a child’s hand. “Gotcha!” I said, handing her the real contents of the box. Her smiled returned and she laughed. The sweetest of memories I will cherish always.

Thank you Ruthie for the love you give to your family and friends and for sharing the love of God to those around you.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14

…In Him, Amen

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