It takes time


God didn’t create the world with a snap of His fingers. He could of mind you.

The ark took more than a day to build.

This incredible formation was not done in a week.

There are ideas, concepts, or communication that should and could be understood the first time presented, but the aren’t. It takes time.

In my 48 years I have not understood, I have questioned and doubted, or just plain blanked it all out. Directions, requests, or thinking of an item I need in the next isle at the market and forgetting when I turn the corner. Math equations, now, oh, never mind.

We do many things in our life, in our walk with Christ that take time to understand. How can He love me when I keep messing up. How can He forgive me for the sins I’ve racked up today? Why are the Northern lights those colors and why are they dancing?

So many questions! I’ve always been one of questions, some resulting in good, some not so good and others unanswered. But God, our God has the answers. He holds the universe in the palm of His hand. He knows it all.

He knows when our minds are ready and our hearts willing to grasp it. It takes time, and all in His time.


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