Bridge in Black and White

ImageI drive alot! Notice the word “a lot” did not have a space in it. That means it is ALOT, a great deal, tons, more than you could imagine. I have inherited from my father the love of driving. Is it a love or a tolerance? A desire or just a fact? It really doesn’t matter, I like to do it. And in doing it I see many many places and things. Some of which I take opportunity to capture. Yes, there are a few photos I have taken at 65 miles per hour. Not so much anymore, unless someone else is driving. 

The photo for today is of a train trestle or bridge in Dundee Michigan. I found it as I went in search of a grocery store and an apple. I didn’t know the area and found myself in the same place more than once, but I had time to kill. As I round the corner for the second time I notice her. She crosses the Raisin River. The name of this silly river makes me think of the California Raisin song/ad from the 80’s.

The tracks and bridge I referred to as “she”. The reason, because, she is helpful and supports, directs and enables. We too do that for our children, our family, our spouse, even at work. The bridge is worn, rusted, missing a bolt or two. But she stands firm, the tracks able to hold tons, over and over and over. Even in the worn state, she is beautiful. Capturing your eye as you drive past. At least my eye. 

In many pictures I take there is a story in my head. As I parked and got out of the car to shoot her I notice how tore up the concrete was where the tracks passed through the road. Partial auto wear, mostly train wear. Heavy, deep grooves along the tracks where the train had passed, buckling the cement, causing it to bulge and fold. The interest of what was in the cars of the train, where were they going or coming from? Hmmm? A story or two.

I walked across the road and inspected the bridge, looking for angles and perspective to shoot. I grew quiet, my mind stilled, my body calmed, even the road noise disappeared. With the water flowing under, the bridge standing next to me, I was just there, in the moment, wondering.

There are places that create that calm, initiate the wonder, bring peace. It is often when we stop and take in our surroundings. Actually when we step away from everything else and just stand in the moment. A deep breath, a glance to the beautiful blue sky and I raise my camera and capture the moment. 

If it weren’t for the love of driving, the joy in adventure and exploration and an uncanny knack for direction I would not find such spots. The rote, the in the lines type of living, can and is at times stifling. Adventure, exploring, that is progress, that engages imagination.

Next time you have time ask your kids or whoever is in the passenger seat next to you. “Left, Right, or Straight” You just never know what you may find.



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