Simple…taken for granted


Small hands, a drooling mouth, and eyes wide with wonder. I watched as the young man,well little child, looked at the blocks on the floor. I would have loved to been in his head, just listening. “Hmmm, why is she sitting there looking at me like that? She expecting me to do a trick or something? Hey, what’s this….? ”

Mr. N, (we will call him) reached out slowly, focused intently on the pile of blocks in front of him. He leaned forward grasping the block with the head of Tigger on it. Not that he would really know who or what Tigger was. Slowly he lifted it and brought it closer to examine it.

If you have every watched a small child investigate something new you know the procedure and of what I am talking about. Mr. N rolled his wrist to move the block and look at all sides. Then his right hand enters the scene and he transfers the block from left to right and repeats the a fore  mentioned actions. Looking intently at the block, raising it to his mouth, and at the last-minute changing his mind, lowers it for further review. (Good choice I might add, you never know where that has been.)

Mr. N sat content, peaceful, quiet and still for about 10 minutes, just checking out the blocks. I sat on the hard chunky plastic chair and watched. I too became quiet, and still. (yes for serious, me, quiet and still.) God works in wonderfilled ways. As I sat, He began the thoughts in my head that are ending up here.

Psalm 46:10
He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” NIV

Be still, Mr. N was still in a quiet slow methodical way. Shouldn’t we take a lesson away from the smallest among us? We hustle and bustle through our days, and evenings, not taking that time to be still, to soak it up, to look at it intently. What are we looking at? What are soaking up? The gifts God has give us. It is all around you.

Just as Mr. N looked at those blocks, or any small child encountering something for the first time, we too should be still   think about it and take it in. Look at the computer screen you are reading this from. Someone came up with this idea that became this computer. Where does that come from? God.

Look out the window, trees just beginning to turn their leaves into an amazing tapestry, right there before us. This by far is the season I love the most, why? In my mind, as I look at the leaves change, the colors so vibrant, so gorgeous, I see God, painting each one. Speaking and the colors appear, red here, yellow there, a leaf of half red, half yellow just because Hhe thought it would look cool. It does! Mind you God is God and there is no way I can even begin to put words in His mouth. But He has given me a heart of imagination and creativity and most likely laughs as I think like this.

Your children, your car, the love of your life. Everything we see, touch, hear, taste, smell, and use came from somewhere, someones mind, imagination, and dreams. But, where did that come from? Hmmm? The Creator of the Universe maybe. He created us, all our gifts, talents, loves, ideas, and dreams. He gave them to us to use.

So Mr. N, as I sat watching and pondering your thoughts, I realized, we need to be still, to slowly take in what is around us, to look at it a appreciate the simple. God has provided, through the Holy Spirit and men, His word, so filled with details to keep us still and awestruck. Today, take a bit, sit, and read His word. Look at it with new eyes, turn it over, soak it up, chew on it and then live it out.





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