Crossing the Line

Many of you who know me know I am not very fond of lines. I often put my toes up to the edge; so close that from a distance it may look as though I have crossed it, when upon close viewing, I am merely on the edge. I am thankful for time, age and awareness. Today, I was reminded what I use to be, and sometimes am. Sitting outside on this beautifully sunny blue skied morning watching the boys play soccer I was mentally reminding myself, “Don’t coach or give direction, you are just the mom, watching her boy play ball!” A couple time I hollered at him then caught myself. “He doesn’t need to be bombarded by my comments on how to play, he has a coach.” So I stopped. Yes..for those doubters, I stopped and watched. In the midst of my self imposed silence I heard a booming voice directing, by name, a child and team as a whole on the field directly behind us. The first time or three I just thought it was enthusiasm and encouragement. You know that irritating,.ii all you can hear, oh my gosh sound that begins to drive you to the edge? Well, after 20 minutes of Encour-A-Dad we were cringing at the sound of his booming directions. Many of you may be thinking…”crossing the line eh? She is gonna say something to him.” NO, I did not. Thought about it, commented on it, had a plan to implement it, but alas noooo. Crossing the line. How many of us think we are helping our children by yelling commands and directions at them? Often times in the guise of encouragement. We sit in the stands, on the sideline, in the audience or even at the kitchen table and direct. In doing this we can think we are helping, making it better when in essence what they hear…”I can’t do anything right. I am a loser.” In their mind,  “I wish you would just let me play, you just don’t get it. The coach says listen to me, you are yelling at me, my teammates are talking at me. I just want to play! I just want you to be proud of me, to tell me how I did, with no buts.” As a player, as a coach, and as a parent, I need to see the line, to stand close and be ready to step, step forward, step back, or to just stand still. Lines are made to serve a purpose, some protection, some are limiting, other direct. The ones I am
reminded of is the one I sit behind and watch my kids grow.


  1. I like the other one better- its a little lighter and has a little more humor to it. We have all either been the over zealous parent- or the one listening to one. But, I think we do need the reminder of the line and the many times we are so close to crossing it…. thanks


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